Un Américain ( Un Canadien ?) à Paris,


Avanti !

                       Un Américain à Paris, des Américains dans Avanti ! (3/5)

Avanti ! En route ! Entrez ! Allons-y ! Denisa Kerschova récompense les auditeurs matinaux en leur concoctant deux heures de programmation musicale pour un réveil apaisant et vivifiant ! Cette semaine...



.... Sweet ....Rosetta 'caught a comet ...'

Rosetta orbiting Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and scanning its surface to make scientific measurements. The colours of the beams and their shape on the surface represent two different instruments imaging and analysing the comet.

The Rosetta orbiter has a total of 11 instruments to study the characteristics and environment of the comet. Rosetta is taking images of the comet at a variety of different wavelengths, measuring its gravity, mass, density, internal structure, shape and rotation, and assessing the properties of its gaseous, dust-laden atmosphere, or coma. It is also probing the surrounding plasma environment and analysing how it interacts with the solar wind.

Rosetta also carries a small lander, Philae, which will descend to the surface of the comet and make in situ measurements using its suite of 10 instruments.

The animation is not to scale; the comet is about 4.1 km wide and Rosetta is 32 m across including its solar wings, and it conducts scientific investigations at a range of altitudes. The comet shape is based on a true comet shape model.


Michael Hardt. The Common Wealth in a Just World. 2010


Michael Hardt speaking about about the common wealth, the duality of the common ground and the creative commons, capitalism, the need for a new political reality, the new world order and its terms. Michael Hardt lecturing about a process of transformation, the rise of a network power, the role of information, association and affects, property and labor conditions, the definition of time, the working day, precarious work, and the modes of affection in a lecture entitled "The Common Wealth / Was wir in einer gerechteren Welt gemeinsam besitzen können" at the Schaubühne Berlin. A Streitgespräch led by journalist Carolin Emcke at the Schaubühne in Berlin, Germany, March 21, 2010







call this the temptation to fascism? a fascist-delire justifying the madness of one empire by invoking the evils of another.....

Also Compare Michael Hardt and Negri's work on Jefferson in their book Multitude (2004),

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