Mihaela Brumar


                              have to say far and fly light to keep my joy

 haVe had  to say far and fly light to keep my joyI have to say far and fly light 

to keep my joyI have to say far and fly light to keep my joyI have to say far and fly light to keep my joy

to keep my joyI have to say far and fly light to keep my joyI have to say far and fly light to keep my joy

to keep my joyI have to say far and fly light to keep my joyI have to say far and fly light to keep my joy

ly light                                           keep m


ly light                                        keep

ly light to keep


 haVe had  to say far and fly light to keep my joyI have to say far and fly light 

to keep my joyI have to say far

'trave..l '


să mergem la spaţiul cosmic

spaţiul cosmic

                         spaţiul cosmic

. i went to bolgna 

                                   (chewing my cheese and )



                       ancient capital        and  

Re -----each word

Franny's got: each word by the button . of a sudden southerly fright.

 not the dying haunts

nor flying geese

but this fleece golden

between the button

no one takes her too somberly! a shout glance! a rearward horse plunging forth the froth laughing back  hung up on the air 

  Jill squares the circle nightly with 'her buttocks' blooming  a wet cement pavement cigarello. no more I to the tuning of the third person.

  Dear I you are no more. A few left bushes to the hutton .
a word prepared for escape.
but even then pissed to the edge of its 'ever green' forest orb and robin to your hood.


----------------------------------------------------- the ever always interesting work of Mihaela              the profile lookingOut /    
                                                    & the other whose only red lips one sees the sensual lips   and the non see eyes of the woman not seen? or unsee and the man's eyes behind sad? are they sad? they look in the distance anticipating. and anticipation is always love     ~under these circumstances....
                                                    or behind her? behind her to the side as a man's always who's always only lookin at her back  but i am telling a story based on a momentary impression ... see the work for yourself ... let it tell its own story  ....


 anticipation is the breadth   ~ of love   ~



each word

inn(finite) (s)
                  roll upward

____pretend a page _________ 

 Between each word Mona hangs a wreckage night| a ball pruned to pollarded circumstance| a rocking ball askant the worked  ouns of the  belly goating perch.
                         A round the island kirk and hill bustle with 
                                the hustle a wall of water 

Not here or near it explains what's come to past.

Now your memory 's a  a  a   fear which come to fresh posture in that rank branch  of what was it's killing 

Thence its work bines the cow requisite to its fearful throng. A word creates another beside twitching weir crumbled

at the near end of the edge of  the wor of the spotless of

 pier? Mona 'shair raising failure  /allure. Jill's product is the hummerdrummer  Joanne. The dancer ina chair without fail her fauve past has not pastshe's rigged to a chair dancing still this fauve breast her hips wore swinging chairs to   

breath again   

Jill steels herself pen

                                                                  Franny or Fanny fainting finding dharma of good looks Buddha not a simple recogition but a working to the creating



jonson or samel or doctor John


A zen thought crossed my mind, what remains of its stewed contents...
Dr Jonson was he the one who laid a dictionary before the empty Mirror?

aahah it came and went.

well Darius. Think of labels like the doctor did social strata! stations of the classical cross!

 O King, I think I've written a million words, many on the blogs that no one reads, so it's no worse than a book. Which most won't read.

However, sir, you have put your name in print more than I!
I am a perfectionist I suppose. so because i am prolific I just go on creating biggger and bigger piles of paper and blogs.

It's a method I invented when I was about 18 and a half its called go on forever , the incomplete, and the uncollected works of Clifford Duffy.
 which includes more than the writing and everything else.
 Cheer up! it can't be all that good!

talk to me its Vendridi soir Boswell. Or are ye Jonson to my TzarathustraDuffyda?


back log


hypochondria (melancholy, spleen, depression, the "black dog", the English

Notice, ladies and genitalmen, the commas , of the comon ford, or cold, of death bilious squeeze or a n o m i e
   p i l l  a  g e of the self and not the natural joy of the sufferer       ~  .....




Samuel and Ben  the pen

Samuel had a pen that no men


 wen  when
 When Ben had  his pen then no men
  Whence Ben had  a wen
 not a wren nor
 spleen for his
in betwixt


  like as  abarber's shops pole swirling round a candy stippled appearance of stream seemed the black dog's reprieve was more the spoon song of its dog's delight



their souls


its said the first time history's tragic the 2nd its a  farce    . viz the middle east/ & the black struggle in the uSa .

 all this was done before & was never  truly and really sorted out .

 nearlyeverything's that's being played out in both instances has been lived out previously.  perhaps even the numbers are similarof course the warriors of war know all about this and make their victims' blood their nourishment

 now its back to haunt those that pushed it under

 whats farcial is the deaths and horrible misfortunes but the idea that the solution to all of these situations has been at hand for decades only to lie fallow.

the farce is the return      . the suffering of those who have to pay for it  is not farcial . it's painful beyond bearing.

   it is horrifying even to contemplate what might come of these farces

a great spiritual awakening ? a t the realisation that all wars lost and won in this world of transcendence are losses

 that only the world of awekening immance redeems the lives lost and torn to pieces by war and the rest of the Isms.

 the world of this world's materialist base, its the one thats always too late. too later. to ge t to the facts

 it takes the immanent world of the other and spirit to rattle it and atone if you dont like that one change it toanother.

-------------- You see their souls woke up moments later
their bodies
already in the air of resurrection

--------------- the transcendentalist especially the atheist variety never got this . so they were dead . even whilst alive.

( __notre notes_______ the dead are always dead.

 the dead  are  them that resisted? that negotiated with the evil? yes yes I know dont fetishize evil. but its too hard . wait i meant its impersonation is common and perhaps not far off wrong on t he mark. the cosmic bad guy the de s tructive force no?


be advised


be advised its fiction.


now how it works its dangerously undoing what's left of him working night and afternoon daytime but and fruit to ring its circus   out .

  you get?

Okay see it gleam

a word rare item   itme Itme was ironing his shirt the terrible pleat of ire to the wing beginof  a (thee) world?

 c ome again gain the sound parity of the Ram a t the foot of the star urn.



they call it received documentary ccc b english however it's really like lame soup up a ducky 'arse with poor mustard so let blogs let you speak your mind? O? come little blog who made thee? did ?


 there's nothing worse in this world than a n english accent

s tanding on her head . the virtual   agains the naked actuall . is the sense of what you're saying Mrs recalltopoulry? how dates are against the newcomer bs not leading the learning but dying their begininng and the power centers the big boobs, the high hair too muc h and the booby traps the dog trot

Irishman says cam not L. Franny has an UpSide Down AsS.

Let's not have any innlusions about inclusions among the capital gains of middle class crash flow among   

the electronic bartering systems of this workig world of speculation peculation.

over the better bypass busted ape wordling

around the cunning

. Tippytoe Jill had the bestest ass in the west. Ern world. as cut up to her inch face. tryin to get pastthe eye. you went blin? as bliny man's bliff! my soviet princess!