'ca m ... p .... a ... i g ... n'


  the longest latitude the stupidest campaign the eon of idiocy is perhaps coming to an end    .. as  the country shakes off

 t he dust o f  the   "Prime beef minister  and minions of the oil boom"

   capital era comes to ending  ?

  it comes to an end
   one hopes and copes

  a shame on the Canadian culture

   what ever that might mean

  a shame with those that went along with it

a  shame for those supported  it

   for those that rationalized the corrupt stinky


Courage   of those who've stood fast against  it    


Of course one must not entertain too many illusions as to what changes the n.d.p. might and might not bring but it's a step in the right direction.

________________________ Or really  stepping in the left    latitudes.

re-reading the Brumaire . of K.Marx my word.

Most day...

Most day i'm too slow even
getting past first base

    but with you by my side i'm sure to get past first
    & all the way home
  to the diamond furrow
  a t   your  feet


a sympathetic cut on


 a sympathetic cut on the right side  o  f  my  l i  p  s



yr one for the birds....


a   few quid.... a  few bob ...

  English slang ...  


they say

yesterday they said the moon was blue
   but it was really full of chicken wings!

   apparently the full moon rises in the east  ce soir
     like a carriage bringing on the night slow-
    ly gracious-

    it's the      space station
  solar           panels            modules          silver glitter  gliding
                        the size of a  two hockey rinks
                                                        viewing it at two in the morning


  A s you   w a l  k  a c  r o  s  s   the   m o o  n  s l  o  w m o t i o n  s p a c e  s h o e  s


the merit of funerals and other


 the merit of funerals and other metier  .

  Come back to this . a raging told of the sea  a raging cold over of the sea. its would be beckon a . river swollen at its back wedge . a name come over the busting sally.

a  kink in the thing breaking

  hold your horse Mister Silver .

   kicking gold
   holding    out the best for worst  . A burst water-main left the room in fatter dismay than could be foreseen at its level best was the wettest one of all since Ixion the saviour had rank weakening  a redeemer's penchant for  embellishment  .

 Mona hears the off wind. a chord of bustling repent the fourth book of Capital's main Grundrisse. 
Without Mona you are not a  thing remaindering a bustling dress! a sheet of glass with blacked-out holey holes.  A lean thing Caesar holds her own a  Caesarean  gift  rostamineh of the moon and Pluto's favoured one.

__________________________ Jill doesn't agree with grund or grunge| or was it an mob gobbling the poet hurling her over the bilge into the grimy water? a bear button suit only  to float her up orpheus to her swimswamswum sappho got a  back beat that caint ever be bested. by the googawoo of the youwahdoo



More on this ... quick fast (call it a draft?) open tha t une, rev that box.


  More on this planet
   more on this day
            in this day
    of this day night
     More of the over cast sky but it's a heaven ward earth rotated rotating not just for me
                                 but for thousands   and hundreds of others 
    who   are
        More on this turning
                 this turning toe

__________ On this turning of a talon she's ode borne a wind heading in from Southern skies paying westward winds and sunset. On the purlieu of each escaping view. She's rose to its missive a skyleaning inward branching to seventh heaven. Away from any legal strata of court and knave or the honking boons of bus drivers whose palaver addles the sense rather drying the heart. Of its swollen wheat. Growing and ferrying on the ground?

  the crowd got angrier kiftin! 

  as it lifted  a far reaching cloud.

Mozart came down to the honey beach.  A roar of wave sour surrounding our head . of glow and pence  . Shank  ? what's that booey boy are you cube to gorge grow your your your blue head? she's whistled to the wheat . its along the wave . over the godawful sea . and its brilliant mermaids.   brilliant not bright. you recall that ?  hmm yes one reposes the memory trunk compose: remember this? bright not brilliant  a bartonet bart . in the basement. on the way   yes and on the way off, you mean off the island of that little room    yes  i mean yea    yea yea yea    yeah yeahyeah

 Mister Baronet. And  shes aid brilliant after bright. Oh and was that a light? a disappointment ? like as when a boat figures its a place to land and the floodlight capture the vain smoke pouring from a heap the ashes fold over and with each hotel further and further other have arrived but then a four plex fold rivets the sand in place holding its backscape clear as celery and the ovum womb where I sat waiting for the mother to call clearing the hall crashing through her womb wall if one can say this if two may so so sew expres the long livery train .



.. don't blame it on the moon


  Don't blame it on the moon
    or the room you're sitting in  ....

those two lines and the title were written a long time ago and I don't think I have it any longer and those are the only two lines I                    r    e            c        a    l  l   .



as golden spice


Do not kick your butt! I forbid! this!
I want to kiss it so treat it nice/treat it nice/ as golden spice!

but at this second don't you dare be cruel  to your bum/
your hunkers/
your buttocks
your ass or arse/ or fanny.





  M                        o          n                                                            d                a                        y 

M                        o          n                                                            d                a                        y

M                        o          n                                                            d                a                        y 

re: ..bin

Now that's an older text but what's older in a plateau? or strata? a piece of geologic   stone jutting out?


  it indicates a space   . but is that how it's said?

  its a threshold? a place of passage a navigator's growl

 where fictionbecomings real.

Ah! the temptation  Jill revs her motor up down the rung fleet of road and karmic bend a . piece of toast is ready! yr starving yet! boyo!




   who has written the song of your
   body? gleaming
    marmareos and marble-sky



' this

this way no one will hear 
  you will be dead as the shutters ringing in the tide
banging on the pane clattering with  the dust
holding the hinge back




burning lakes  are getting                 bigger  .

  how does hell which is eternal get 'larger' to accomodate the eternal scum heading there from earth?

   those that attacked Earth for decades, days, the  decententials , the whores of cripples,   life haters,

 the ones that supported the earthquake in Haiti,     those who supported the bombing of villages

 the President sending his drones to kill familes of marriages

 the former presidents made of oil and beef

      and the  then , Dante    reassures me it's gotten bigger, and other messengers and voices of the dead  ,

  speak   to             me  ,           with their wishes and hope   s                        the single and plural   ,

  There!  his heavy finger pointing downward   

                   its the lake,   pretty big              boiling over ,  gurgling,,,  hot

 churning round       noisy ,,, i mean turning ,   like  spinning , sor t of or,  chugging
       like a  cement mixer  anyhow, its shitty, terrifying     the stink coming up is beyond telling  , i mean  its like the stink o f   say    a  dead street of corpses in   ___ say after an  -----  air-force jet has bombed a civilian district   leaving mothers and babies bloody behind crying
or a village in Africa, the Congo say    where the guerrillas from a so called liberation force have killed everyone
or Laos where millions of tons of bombs were dropped murdering millions
or the   fields of Cambodia
   youc an  name any number of murders and massacres they're all here

  lined up in living color

  down they go



   escalator to hell

ISp hell

Upstairs the saints are flying around cloud clovers and over and high sky and cloud cover is  love     .

  how can hell reach heaven?