_ It could ..


Somebody's looking out my window
  and somebody's looking in
  I wonder who that could be
    I wonder who it is
Could it be you pretty Jane?



notes for a song



__ inlcuded (Batteries not)


 spelling mistakes included

 you mean batteries?
                                                    i mean plug into the Outside and whatever gets you past the afternoon and chilling Mona has a terrace!  

  O sunshine of Billybobs! gods of thingamajigs!


__ inlcuded


 spelling mistakes included




  Last Saturday   ...of ..  June 2016... why does those numbers look so familiar? what spirit is in them 
(will it be spinster Sunday?) 

...? is there a spirit there?  letters fade across the  open sky... summer peaking rain talisman over the ...

as always your politicans trade places.. a palace for they is ruin for the peasants... o striking o shriking! O shrinking human race.. growing there but smalling over at the spot on the avenue round  the corner over the park   the dollar store .. the stadium what is it working against summer's year ... life's eternal

  tern  turning

    the picture churning out of your mouth 

  Mona's churnign her mouth don south her uplifted dress ass showing glowing  the world's in a hurry to watch  a glimpse of this glance ass! 



it's interesting...


  it's interesting to see H. Clin...  trying to , and succeedin g inbecoming Barak. O ma.......
  the eyes the roll the head roll the little pauses in her speech all
  calculated to taffy toffy the rich  the elite, the internation barons the embarrassed for wealth, the  ...
    the 'billion' dollar machine

   (what is a billion anyhow?)
       tell me what's  a cent instead)

   of the DEMO (n) crats




Re: nine months

re  nine months

 9 months usually refers to a  period of gestation, pregnancy, caring  yielding birth,


re: Re: nine months   

                       it's symbolic, like the 9months it took you getting sober

 it's had its pains   many and more /pored over like rain  but on the whole
            it's been better than an early death'd have been
                                  despite the dormouse
                            the continual betrayal
 but what's betrayal? portrayal fictional lives





june 18,2016 of characters and detectives


  of mystery novels and found bodies/ broken heart/ blue  hotel,
                 and wonderful saunas!



good bye and goodbye


  Good-by Mohammad Ali

      sting bee! sting! float bird! bird! float an
     God bless   your soul flies  to the happy resurrection already started for you 
                     dance in that inevitable  world to come 

    Good-bye Gordie Howe Mister Hockey
     god speed your trip to the next plane a smooth surface of ice waiting for you
          fire those pucks in shifting elbows pumping ambidextrous your fine flying resurrection

                                                                         fly great souls over this world's transcendence

       to the next world's better immanence  it's forever here nowness



about: section 50 and ...


about: section 50 and ...

so the five sections to fifty are really done?

yes they have only to be written out,


section 50 and ...


 section 50's now done. the next part is how to put together the parts and whether to add another side?

 that is, if i'm treating the    'whole' thing  as one long recording one side of a long e.p then what's

going on the flip side of this 16rpm poem ?

  an album = poem with just one side? ____________________

however if it's constructed digitally there are no sides and so it doesn't matter,

                         there are no sides to a digital construction  because it's location in space


          but  we're talking about a book aren't we?

                yeeehsss,   i think so,  i mean,  i'm quite sure,



re __reading and____________


about : __reading and________________

|i'll go more to return to this

|  come back to this

 | not her typical narrator's device to retrieve,

 | yet go back always,

|go back,


  ____ if it were aware of its things before making them it wouldn't be conscious deliberate art sake,

for crying out-loud creation


__reading and____________

                                                             r e-reading

'  a   lot'    of  T.S. Eliot criticism  (Waste Land), and Eliot's poetry  woven and unwoven 
                                                                                 by his critical writing 

(unweaved by? do i mean to suggest his critical writing undoes the weaving of his own poems? no,    

which i referred to as molar in contrast to the molecular work of his poetry. i did this in a

schizoanalytic reading of  ' The Waste Land'  which being  the second half of a long essay i wrote /

ANYhow as  they say in Quebec,

                               i am endlessly fascinated, fascginated by the dive-rsity of this problem,                                         reading ______ writing __
and it always leads to others,

to thinking of others,
 (Foucault's ideas about discursive practices)

and the limits and or start of poetry, criticism/ and literary theory, which is not contrary to opinions held in certain circles identical to philosophical criticism as such  

with the Eliot machine to wit the total body of his work,

 the seams and lines and splits, the connecting levels move and change shape over a life time's career,

   ------------------------------------ And  ,

           also re reading Michel Foucault's essay
                                                               What is an Author ?

   esp. reallly  interested in his discussion of the discursive practices initiated by certain types of writing,

   i see a parallel in Eliot's concept of tradition,

           but am unable to demonstrate what i sense, or how it follows or precedes  F's idea,

              I also now believe,

in  the comma,

and in suspending my thoughts with a comma,

   and not a  period,

and as this reading is  a performance,

  i leave it as that ,

 as that such,

which is being without a tail,

or  apun


a tale,

nary a tell,



   and reading that old criticism dating back to the poem's  first appearance __ of which there were several        due to the different publications of  it  at the time,

 ideas about the poem,

 feelings, reviews,   private remarks and comments ,   for instance,

Virginia Woolf's description of him chanting and singing the poem  at her place,

   and then he had to leave in a hurry,                      (Hurray Please it's Time  ..)

as he had to be somewhere else,


                                i once wrote a  paper    if you can say  it was
 writing where i spoke the whole thing

                  that is to say i delivered the paper without any visible punctuation   i wrote it as if 

                                            i were speaking the whole thing


i t  was about Emily Bronte       _________born july 30th  18 something    

                                                    and the idea of doing it this rose

                       from the  talk poems done by David Antin

                          who'd been doing these things years before in the
 as far
                back as the 70's i think

                                                                  And  also because I d been having trouble punctuating 
                 in the usual manner



 now i'm keen on the comma,


 as  a  form of broaching the form  of a  pause,

or a  thought left hanging,

       to be continued,

o r picked up again to take it somewhere else or else perhaps to return

and elaborate the ideas  going some place other  than where i started

               or where you started


and writing in blogs brings it to the fore in another way because theres this whole idea of ending and where does it end,

the page,

  the notion  of space, and comma,

             and continuousness


 and where does the page end ,

  in blogs, it's as a clear as  , i mean blogs in blogspot or the other similar blog platforms,

     like typeset and wordpress,

               but in tumblr,

           you can have infinite  pages,

          or infinite


                  so ,



the question of invention poses itself in several guises, as sonnets wilfully knock knees against affective stereotyping of the 14 liner and thomas nashe was made to be bright light brighter than,

and once a  hair fell,

it was ponytailed to the rope, i say  this to you Francis knowing you will forswear previous forms of knowledge, and knowing this to be true,

the sonnet for instance being a cruel form fashioned after the torture devices used in various dungeons, castles, and hidden forts and country homes scattered throughout Italy and southern France,

(a harp to crucify)

where else but in the sonnet's bent formatting could the thought of resolution be conveyed?


 where else but in the terrible afflicting of force and pain at the couple's concluding enema known as a  thesis snap shut closed out resolution   'of conflict'  problem solved,

  the horror the the hooray hoorah of that monstrous clamping up of the body self,

   crushed mouth in the teeth of the victim, citation and penalty awarded by the death enforcers of the Inquisition,

 metric at the, frontiers of citation and citizenship, the ego and super ego hungry for  a cramming down  and shutting up,

of the Mouth talking non stop,


not music,

 yet appearing as the closed of piano of bunches of thought, ie, grapes of reason,

raisin's the grape,
or words to that effect,