re this flagship ...

in and out of the merry go round


Re: this flagship ...

Mister D : what's yr most recent fairy tale?

    CD. the fictions and various strata the lines of escape

                 the middle

                  finding the middle



this flagship ...


  this flagship needs repairing...    &why wouldn' it  a fter 11 years...? unlike a book a blog's an ongoing changing shape ....

                                from font to honk the human ass of a machine
             that's desiring to be more n machine  or any crippled life changing shit to gold/ an what's gold between 'gods' legs' or goddess leg n thigh
     or some hypercritical hyperborean thingism cutting the passage ofyour movement off
after  a  life  time           of              d a  n   c  i ng  and w  r   i   t  i n  g 



Žižek's : Thanks to the EU’s villainy, Greece is now under financial occupation




Syriza’s left wing has split from the party, becoming the third largest group in the Greek Parliament.

Plus:   https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/07/tsipras-euro-debt-default-grexit/



who held the broken word?


                bread the bone in a stone


                              croaking its lonesome air of conversation

                spinning over the strung out mountain


 those lines which came to me quite quickly echo in my mind some of the cadences of Crow by Ted 

Hughes. So I consider them a little imitation and homage that my unconscious mind produced without 

any effort.  it's the training mind that works thus

  the mind that's always working

we need not fear influence but learn from it  

  the generous labor of universal imagination ac ross the centuries
          t   i            m                   e    .

what word


what word has been so hot
   it springs from night?





cheers! chairs bears! mares lairs!
i think i used to own a set of those.
but id prefer to see your fingers holding the corn
or flicking that little whip of yrs
and then swish-swish or spank spank or behind behind! 
A nicker of words!
A knicker ticker of paroles!
a nicker of paroles et mots!
O mon dieux!
Are you in a tizzy?



..' heartener ...'


Heartener, thank you W.B. Yeats and Ireland and history, t hank you goodnight, the end of the world that was not ever going to be a tapering place but the run of the mill(ion) of the floss 





 do stars fall or turn upward


she leaves


she leaves her point of view open/ always

  so that's not leaving /it's staying


a   stay a  woman's stay
   her delicate behind        _______________________


.. sleeps ...


  she sleeps under Perseids
            in 'court'  the ball of stars falling around her
        in the land of the troubadours

how blessed is she
  this woman



as for me


as for me I eat levitating in the air.



expatriat .. m,oi ... impatriat

   expatriate /impatriat duffy/ miller /mar(k)covitch/butler what tongue you drink , quench

----------- what is your iridzz  flo(a)w? an air on the sea 
                                                                  st Sir brendan.

wi(e)'ill shew night

______________ naturally we make our language of the ones we've been given.   governments and  like minded institutions wish to homogenize those wild dialects, crazy accent,  & broken singular  (ss) that sleep on the watch of language  
                                                               that other tongue the non living which's not our own  ..

_________________ Be fat with  it is what I say!



molar/ molar North polar
molar molar north polar

 be fun to do a  song sort of thing with that eh?


what is ?


   what is english literature? a  movie? a comic book a plate serving on the quarterdeck of a boat                   bolted to the sea    



Re: and


Mister Dusky   that's doing beckett if i might say so yourself is not is it Knott?: and

    ( on another topic were not for her calling why keep the dang phone!) (what good's a phone if

           no lover called calling calling she's calling calling and the bell is ringing ringing ringing)

But yes you're quite right on I'd say doing beckettdoing joyce doing shakhisspeare and what's tto be done

with this joy of what's been done? been done before a thousand times a million a million times a hundred and a hundred times over a billion and a thousand times more then more of a hundred million billion times to a trillion?

 to do to be done to do to be doing what's done the world wide over in the loving of man and woman of the vaccum and sun the cave and gum

   of the earth mother and father and sun    .