__ there's


when it comes to death there's no nationality


  death's more than national  its out over all boundaries

                 when's it not political     ~

__________ do our lives become fully fictional at our death?



re corruption


Corruption is a virtually institutional way of life  in the province of Quebec.

it works from the side to the diagonal to the top along and skimming across the top

                           and right through sailing right on down the hundreds

of bottoms

                           and now with the  300 million that's going to be spent on the Royal Victoria Hospital

      to keep it looking pretty
                             and tidy up its loose ends
after all it's an 'historic site' 

    needing maintainence

                           everyone just loves seeing its gloomy spires atop the city

a  big feasibility study  that wont cost more than   8   million

 and they wonder
    they wonder how come
                         & why   people everyone

                       just people all the people across the spectrum of life are cynical


                          what else can there be if cynicism (captialism's latest disease
                                                    yet another Ism  )

                                                                                       just a  taken as a matter of regular life    .


Longish poem in the works...

Longish poem in the works...

Longish poem in the works...

Longish poem in the works...



Re: alexander p assisted me...


 and a handful of others were worked with me          in the high wire


                          of     the 

                    p            e             r
         f         o             r    m   a      n c e   

 (it was the invention of god that really drove 'em crazy

 Nietzsche's Daughter had been rich, complex, layered,

            but IoG was dangerous, threatening, with airplanes in the sky!
w eaving words of love         dram a  and high acting

  cops and robbers

                  & electric poetry threatened to knock em all their seats    !

 so it got thrown


   the dead rushing in right off with praying to stamp it out

 then the next to dead the not quite deaders and deadest and hatErs 

came trumbling along

  fools and dead beats

           no hearts in their heads

                 no heads anywhere in their bodies

 confronted by the grand slam uncle to poetry that I was  


              they were impressed with music
                                                                           & i knew it was a beast
            a  god
                               that had to be trained

                     if need be with a whip
                                                               or better yet  a hammer
                      in the coiling cage of its rage

                                            a n  insane  god that had eaten itself alive

                             in the monstrous and worse moils of
                                        the gyrating beat
                                                      of the world beast

                          nasty chains of its deterritorialized lust

                     nor the dumb drum beats of iambic pentameter

                                      droning its own ever repetitious sleep in a snore
          across the vacuous or the vacancie of north america

  yes there was music   Oh yes but surrounded with a veiled cage
 grounding in the crawl of the human voice



Re: alexander p assisted me...


alexander p assisted me...


  all those years back  or ago when those jackasses some of whom were  close in breathing
     right down             next to me 'down my back'  ..'my neck'   (them guys, mostly alway guys  that criticized me an my work of the day and night of what it was i was doing at   a  time    _

                                       _____________ i never believed them

always knew they were off  an wrong

  but it was fun playing them along

        it made them better artists in the end 
  better than they might ever have been  were i not there 

        hadn't I not done the contradictory things  i did

    way over their head

somesaulting & acrobating classical music
                        & at the same moment as the dadaesque moment of rocked it's roll baby
       the jazz dig of atonal

               god and female muse present in the body of Pat Macgeachy


                and a handful of others were worked with me          in the high wire

                          of   my       p            e             r            f         o             r    m   a      n c e        ~ 


.. saunter home...


And in the meantime I walked home and wanted to kiss you and hold my arms around your waist.
and tenderly hold you whispering my words of love and lust to you
crying in your heart and your ear.
to kiss your hair.




Mister D we gotta fix this one up ya dig?

surely to be I do and do

  saint of knee and debt pray for me
   saint of debted knee pray for it
         tutelary deity of debt brought on by knee and study
     dance and infinite walkin an waitin

                    of sittin' an 

   saint of heart pray for us
              pray for the heart beating regular
                           knee moving rhythmically

saints of leftist and good socialist
    pray for the end of filthy lucre

   & disgusting wealth of the few

over the millions of many

 pray for the millions of many

thriving in their strength

   thriving in our strength

contrary to the dirge of the herd


eyes_sketches to go and come arrive


  No one has eyes like babette's   no eyes like hers  have you seen before
   my little word flew to her       & they're in her now
          and in me too her words her eyes   hey eyes word fly to me
                       past ocean and moon on a  beam through the sky


 Mister Duffy  we'll do more here.....

Over the wave

her rocking wild ways  ..


  though the moon beam held up  

Pulled  i t  dow n                to                    ear th                         for    us  






Babette baBeTte BABette

Babette baBeTte BABette 

Babette baBeTte BABette  

baBeTte                                                 b aBeTte                                                      baBeTte 



Re: .. time ..


   and shld i do such a thing as go to that other place of the public sphere
                                        Mozart will accompany   me
                                                                                     & perhaps one other   alexander Pope~ who i called on once to assist me~ and it was So     ~.

: .. time ..


blithe thee~ moon


thee moon shone like  a  pickle

   'out' there inside the sky


.. time ..


   C.P.  .. time to start performing again Mister D? what do you think? it's been a little while....

 C.D.   a little while not really I mean I never stopped that I just moved venues.. it could be the time onthe other hand to go to the other venue I used to things a t  you see what I mean? what I am saying?  

  working in a public space first with maybe recording? not really but for performing  saying with cello and other low key instruments... maybe a  singer.. that could be a new door to go through . . it won't be the same as it was anyhow.. which is and that's good

C.P. .. yes it's so that you 've never stopped performing or lecturing and writing and working the way you do wherever you found yourself

.. i'm curious where do you think you'd start off or kick off this
  entry into a public space venue..? in the countryside  a barn a lake a yard someone's party a fair a or  a live hologram projected

              e        v                  e                   n                                                 t



CD  that last one's appealed to me for years.. and yeps it wont be a come back or return but another line of departure.. a new self novel people to work with more gizmos to play with necesary

   yet  the old things are there   

    pen      and  paper                crayon and ink

                           a place to stand  another preparing in

                   2  3  musicians  ........   a pin on mic   ...a  small p.a. system

                   things to      present                presenting things

                                and             poems

                                            and                   words

                      and things

                                                and             l             o          v                  e  

CP    love?



love  and           rad ios       


and this? as always is a draft 
    a windy door knocking in

        into its becomings