Re: am A

 __________________________ Proscenium here editor______________________________


 it's not  a good piece of writing at all what' s           interesting am A

is  the collage effect but the actualy 'poem' is  pretty shitty. C.D.Yes, I agree 

it can be fixed perhaps 

  changing the  I it to a you as  in   'you are a hippy and you live like

                                                         one becoming something faded " no, that's no good either

. and the hippy thing that ought to be changed something along the lines of 

you live like  apostpunk hippy ? and you got the blues

    you got new shoes and yr name is a curse and a donkey's ass

 s trumming yr guitar with Portugese shoes and sardines and booze I only

whipped together to please them and keep them in line

             with my ability to schmooze!"

Hhahahhaha what  apiece of shit!
_______________ " an press the button on yr phone so she can snooze

                                        yr a jerking class kiss ass with nothing to do!"

hahah its easy to crap mocking crap

___________________________________Yr so funny! You make me want to vomit!

You were so nice at first

and  now you're  acurse

with bloody flaming blue hair

and yr postmodernist zizekian streaks and glittery elvis pair of hipes you got from the shitty dollar store

where you cruise

_____________________I know it gets worse

half lines with busted blank verse

second rate 'freed' verse and sudden lapses in the rythm the meter like a puddle of cement

cropping around here and there the bleak benighted echo of cadence

Slop an Slew 

it's what you do

it's what you do

with your lousy attitude! 

your lousy attitude!

____________ Chorus " with your lousy attitude" repeat 5times at full volume

_______________ Enter left a  bunch of prancing s.....s which cant be said anylonger due to censorious......

 the censored subjects  announce their Role .  


                                                           but it improves changing the I to You

 No has chaos

Like we do we do 

No one knows chaos the way we do

 when we shit and we sit

 we know chaos better than you

 better than you

we shit and sit better than you we'

re better and always was

we're better and less stupid

we're smarter and less dumb

...............................  Chorus bows exiting stage right which is on the left side of the blog stage to the viewer's  view. view. vie w .

CP and the purpose of this little snappy piece of addled mockery!

________________________CD  its you!~ its you! its You! I swear

                                    to be true to you!
                                 the more you put me down

                              the better I feel the better

                                       I do!


 I  had forgotten how beautiful the coast was 
  what fond memories i have of the pacific & white rock surrey b.c.